4 way Rack Case - Sennheiser EW100 G3 GB

  8way Rack Case - Sennheiser EW300 G3 GB




Walker Sound has received an increasing numbers of inquiries regarding our wireless microphone systems and DPA headset microphones.

The combination of these two items make a huge difference to the results of any theatrical play, show or musical production.


The DPA 4066 headsets are flesh / beige in colour which are visually unobtrusive.

For a lower cost alternative to the DPA 4066, we can also supply the Micronic BPE3 headset.




The wireless microphone consist of a body pack battery powered transmitter, and mains powered diversity receiver.

As an included accessory, the body pack wireless systems come with either a ME2 ( omni directional ) or ME4 ( directional ) lavalier mic.

The DPA headset microphone is an added option which is used with the body pack transmitter. Pictures of these can be seen below.


The wireless systems come in pre wired rack cases in combinations of fours and eights and are also available individually. The rack cases come completely  pre wired, with their power and aerial distribution units. The operator only has to plug in a single mains plug, two aerials with signal boosters and a XLR plug multiway loom ( supplied ) to a mixing desk. Walker Sound can supply up to four, eight way rack cases with DPA 4066 headset microphones to give a total number of thirty two individual channels,




Before a wireless system is used at your location, the frequencies have to be set up to avoid " Intermodulation Distortion" .

Intermodulation Distortion will affect the reception of one or all of the receivers if not set up correctly. Although perhaps your chosen frequencies may seem well spaced, but harmonics can be generated and transmitted along with the original signal. These harmonics can cause interfere with other channels.


Frequencies are pre set to so as not to interfere with the neighboring frequencies, this is done by using the recommended set frequencies.

We can also prepare our wireless systems to be used in conjunction with your existing wireless system frequencies, subject to the frequency range band, and compatibility. We also supply a free JMFG frequency licenses.




Please note that our DPA headsets have 3.5mm locking jack plugs which are compatible with all of the Sennheiser Evolution range.

If you wish to use these headsets in your own transmitter packs, please check the plug type, or we can advise you if you supply details of the

make and model.


Please see the Contact Details page, for further information and quotations.


NOTE: 1.

Under UK law (Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006), a license is required for "Programme Making and Special Events" (PMSE). This includes uses of wireless microphones, talkback ( walkie-talkies ) and production services in theatrical performances, radio and television programmes, conferences, places of worship and so on, but only when directly associated with the performance or event. Radios used for general security, catering, crowd control and so on, need a license issued by Ofcom.



Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System  - showing mains powered diversity receiver,

tie clip lavalier microphone, body pack, and hand held ( battery powered transmitters ).

DPA 4066 Headset Microphone


Sennheiser A1031-U

( Omni directional Antenna )

Sennheiser ASA 1

( Aerial and Power Distribution )

Micronic BPE3 Headset Microphone