Martin Mac 250+ Profile Spot Intelligent Moving Head Light




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Martin Mac 250+ Profile Spot Intelligent Moving Head Light


Flight cased in Pairs (price for single unit)


This exciting profile spot moving head is a unique combination of intelligence and beauty.

Designed as a compact version from the highly successful MAC family, the MAC 250+ has

proven to be a perfect moving head effect for the club, professional touring and production studio markets.


The MAC 250+ is an automated yoke-mounted profile spotlight that employs a 250 watt discharge source. It provides an 18.3 achromatic lens system, 12 easily replaceable saturated dichroic colours, 8 easily replaceable rotating gobos, indexible gobo rotation, a fast 3-facet rotating prism, variable focus, strobe effects, 0 to 100% dimming, and accurate 16-bit movement.



  • 250W MSD lamp

  • PAN/TILT range of 540/289

  • Continuous rotation colour wheel

  • Continuous rotation gobo wheel

  • Virtually silent fan cooling

  • Convenient turn fasteners

  • MP2 updates the software over the DMX link

  • Automatic Feedback System

  • User Configurable Lens System

  • Modular Construction for easy maintenance


  • Length: 330 mm (13.0 in

  • Height (head at tilt limit): 525 mm (20.7 in)

  • Weight:22.0 kg (48.4 lbs)






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