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MSL-3A Reinforcement Loudspeaker



70°H 60°V
21 1/4" wide
56 3/4" tall
30" deep
241 lbs (109.3 kg)
Max SPL (Peak/Cont): 135/130
Freq Range: 75-18 kHz





High power
High clarity and coherence
Long-term reliability



Main PA arrays
Concert reinforcement
Theater sound reinforcement
Live music club systems
High-power announcing
Paging indoors/outdoors



Designed to perform in a wide range of large-scale sound reinforcement applications, the high-power, arrayable MSL-3A allows for coherent, controlled coverage of wide areas in theater, club and concert reinforcement. The efficient loudspeaker delivers high sound pressure levels with extremely low distortion, for maximum intelligibility and fidelity.


The biamplified loudspeaker consists of two proprietary 12-inch low-frequency cone drivers in a unique horn-loaded, vented enclosure and a single high frequency driver with a 70-degree horn. The rugged, multiple-ply hardwood cabinet is fitted with handles and optionally, aircraft-style rigging pan fittings.


The MSL-3A requires a high-quality professional stereo power amplifier capable of delivering up to 400 watts/channel continuously into 4 ohms, with a signal voltage gain of 10 dB (minimum) to 30 dB (maximum).


The MSL-3A loudspeaker operates as a system with the M-3A Control Electronics Unit (one per channel). Optimized for the MSL-3A and pre-aligned at the factory, the M-3A contains frequency response and phase response alignment circuitry, and Meyer Sound's exclusive SpeakerSense™ driver protection circuitry, incorporating both peak and RMS signal limiting.


A single-channel device operating at line level, the M-3A is intended to be the final component in the signal chain before the power amplifier. Its factory-calibrated SpeakerSense circuitry protects the MSL-3A loudspeaker components from damage due to overheating under high power conditions. This unique circuit continuously monitors the power applied to the MSL-3A drivers and individually limits the high-frequency and low-frequency outputs when the safe operating limits of the drivers are exceeded.


Until the onset of overload, the SpeakerSense circuitry has no effect on the signal. Also provided is a switch-selectable Safe function which widens the safety margin of the system by decreasing the SpeakerSense limiting threshold 6 dB and is intended to be used when extended periods of overload are anticipated.


To enhance the effectiveness of the MSL-3A in voice reinforcement applications, the M-3A incorporates filters which band-limit the system response under full-power conditions. This has the effect of increasing intelligibility by discriminating for vocal information in the signal. In music reinforcement applications, the Meyer Sound DS-2 Mid-Bass Loudspeaker and 650-R2 Concert Subwoofer are recommended to extend the system's low-frequency response and power bandwidth.



MSL-3A Specifications


Acoustical - MSL-3A/M-3A System


Frequency Response

±4 dB from 75 Hz to 18 kHz

Maximum SPL




135 dB

HF Coverage





Acoustical Crossover Frequency

800 Hz


MSL-3A Loudspeaker


Low Frequency

(2) MS-12 12-inch cone drivers, 8 ohms per driver

High Frequency

MS-2001A 2-inch throat (4" diaphragm) driver, 12 ohms

High Frequency Horn

70° modified radial

HF DC Protection

20 µF Polypropylene capacitor


Vented, horn loaded, multi-ply Finnish birch


Black textured, charcoal-grey carpet (optional) or black weather protected (optional)

Physical Dimensions

21 1/4" W x 56 3/4" H x 30" D


241 lbs. (109.3 kg)

Protective Grill

Hex perforated metal screen, damped, charcoal-grey foam covering


EP-4 male, EP-5 male (Europe only), Pyle National (optional)


Aircraft pan fittings, 600 lbs. safe working load each


M-3A Control Electronics Unit

Input Type

Balanced ISO-Input™, 10k ohms

Output Type

Active, push-pull, 200 ohms output impedance

Maximum Input Level


+23 dBu


+23 dBu

Maximum Output Level


+26 dBu


+20 dBu

Hum and Noise

-90 dBV

Dynamic Range

>110 dB

Sense Inputs

10K ohms true differential, opto-isolated

Electrical Crossover Frequency

800 Hz

High Frequency Delay Type

Active all-pass

Driver Protection Circuitry

Low Frequency

RMS limiter

High Frequency

RMS limiter


Sense; Hi and Lo

Green/Red LEDs

Limit; Hi, Lo and VHF

Red LEDs


Green LED


Green/Red LEDs


Front Panel

Input attenuator, AC power switch

Preset Panel

Lo Cut switch, Safe switch, HF EQ Switch, VHF Var/Cal switch, VHF control


Balanced Input/Output

3-pin XLR (A-3) female/male

Sense Inputs

Banana jacks


120/240V AC, 50/60 Hz (internally switchable)

Physical Dimensions

19" W x 1 3/4" H x 7 3/4" D, Standard rack mount


8 lbs. (3.6 kg)


  1. Measured 1 meter on axis, half-space conditions, pink noise input, in third-octave bands.

  2. Loudspeaker driven with "A" weighted noise (peak-to-RMS ratio approximately 12 dB), with power amplifier rated at 400W per channel at 4 ohms.

  3. ISO™ Input: Pins 1, 2 and 3 are transformer-isolated and shell is connected to chassis/AC earth ground. Pin 3 positive for positive pressure output.

  4. 800 Hz (worst case frequency both channels), < 0.1% THD.

  5. "A" -weighted, unbalanced.

  6. "A" -weighted noise floor to maximum output at 800 Hz.


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