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Silenced Diesel Generator 6.5 KVA 




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Perfect Power
An AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) gives non-fluctuating power delivery at a selection of voltages from 110V to 240V. Most models also have 12V DC, which is really useful for charging car or boat batteries.

Dusk-to-dawn operation without fill-up: 
A full tank of diesel will keep these air-cooled gensets on the go for 6~15 hours. The secret to such long operation is their low fuel consumption thanks to the features like direct injection. And they have a utility-size fuel tank, so you can leave them running all night. Ideal for out-of-the-way sites. 

They simply sip on fuel 
These gensets give savings with every drop of diesel. Fuel is fed by a direct injection system-a major feat for this type of compact unit, giving it unbeatable fuel economy. 


Total carry-around convenience 
The extra-lightweight SDE series is portable and space-saving. We’ve done this by linking together the world’s smallest air-cooled diesel with a highly compact and light U-frame generator.The size and weight trimming allows you to take the "Open-type"sets anywhere. 


Silent operation makes this series a more popular form of power 
The total noise-proofing of the SDE series makes it welcome in any location and any time especially at night. Exhaust noise is dampened by a large silencer while engine sounds are contained by a double-walled structure and absorbed by a liner. To stop vibration and allied noises there is a simple use of vibration proof material and mounting. In addition, the whole genset is compactly housed in a single cabinet.


Instant, effortless starting
Auto-return decompression makes starting effortless. Fast and reliable in all conditions, even when the temperature drops as low as 5°C minus.









Generating set


Frequency Hz

50              60

Rated AC output kW

6.0            6.5

DC output V-A


Rated voltage V

230/115    240/120

Power factor (cosφ )




Excitation system

Transistorized self-excitation Constant voltage (AVR)

Dimensions ( L x W x H) mm

910 X 530 X 740

Dry weight (electric)kg

175 Kgs






Single-cylinder, vertical,4-stroke


Air-cooled direct-injection

Displacement cc


Rated output ps/rpm


Fuel tank capacity l


Lube. oil capacity l


Operational capacity(hr est. on rated load)










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