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650-R2 Concert Series Subwoofer


30" wide

45" tall

22 1/2" deep

176 lbs (79.8 kg)

Max SPL (Peak/Cont): 135/130

Freq Range: 30-100 Hz





High power
Extremely low distortion
Long-term reliability



Road use or installations
Sound reinforcement
Concert, film and theater
Live music clubs and discos
Bass instrument amplification



The 650-R2 Subwoofer extends the power bandwidth of Meyer Sound reinforcement systems to 30 Hz. Accurate and rugged, this powerful subwoofer consists of two 18-inch cone drivers capable of long excursion with extremely low distortion, set in a heavily braced 14 cubic foot vented enclosure of multiple-ply hardwood.

The 650-R2 operates as a system with the M-B2 Control Electronics Unit (one per channel). Optimized for use with the Meyer Sound subwoofers, and pre-aligned at the factory, the M-B2 contains frequency response and phase response alignment circuitry, and Meyer Sound's exclusive SpeakerSense™ driver protection circuitry, incorporating RMS signal limiting and switchable excursion limiting.



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