360 Systems Digicart II



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DigiCart II Audio Hard Disk





Remote control RC-220


Digicart shown above and specification sheet below.


Please note,

Walker Sound's Digicarts have an internal Bernoulli drive and a external 250MB Zip drive.

Internal hard disk storage of over 16 hours with Dolby AC-2 @ 48K

Full Function Remote Control
Allows access to all control functions. Provides instant access to 16 Hot Key presets. Includes one 25 ft. (7.5m) 9 pin interconnect cable. Can be used to control up to four separate DigiCarts. 


The 360 Systems Digicart II range has been extended. There are now 3 machines available for hire plus a RC 220 remote.


    Although these digital playback devices have been discontinued by 360 Systems, and now superceded, there is still a

    demand by American production companied working in the UK, and outside broadcast facility companies.

    Many OB vehicles have them in their inventory, so backup machines in this format is essential.


    All three of our Digicart II have Bernoulli disk drives with 16 hours hard disk time, plus the option of an external 250MB

    Zip drive. The Digicart dedicated RC 220 is also available for hire, a standard PC keyboard can also be configured for titling.


    Two of the units have AES/EBU ( 3 pin XLR ), and AES/SMPTE ( 75ohm BNC ), digital input and output

    Hard drive replacements for these machines is now available from Walker Sound.








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