Sennheiser E602,  E604, E904 & E914



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Sennheiser E602 Specifications 

Drum Instrument Bass

Sennheiser E604 Specifications

Drum Instrument Clip On



Sennheiser E904 Specifications

Drum Instrument Clip On

Sennheiser E914 Specifications

Drum Percussion Overhead


Sennheiser E602 Instrument Microphone


The e 602 II is a cardioid instrument microphone especially suitable for use with bass drums, bass guitar cabs,

tubas and other low frequency instruments.



  • Rugged, lightweight aluminium body for stable positioning on long microphone boom arms

  • Lightweight high-performance voice coil construction

  • Fast transient response

  • Low frequency extension

  • Ideal for direct use on the most problematic bass signal

  • Frequency-independent directivity provides isolation from other on-stage signals

  • Humbucking coil

  • Integral stand mount



Sennheiser E604 Instrument Drum Clip on Microphone


The e 604 is a cardioid microphone especially suitable for use with drums and brass instruments.



  • Rugged reinforced glass-fibre body

  • Low sensitivity to impact and handling noise

  • Very high sound pressure handling capability

  • Low distortion microphone

  • Hum compensating coil

  • Easy to position due to compact design

  • Integral stand mount 


Sennheiser E904 Instrument Drum Clip on Microphone


The e 904 is a cardioid dynamic instrument microphone especially designed for drums.




  • Full, impressive, lively sound for drums and percussion

  • Very fast attack

  • Compact body ideal for mounting on toms and snare drum 

  • Excellent sound profiling, adapts to all percussive styles

  • Hum compensating coil


Sennheiser E614 Instrument Condenser Microphone


The super-cardioid e 614 is an errantly polarized condenser microphone designed for demanding applications which require a wide frequency response, high SPL, fast transient response and a compact design. With its frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz, the e 614 is able to capture the full sound of the instrument, while its super-cardioid pick-up pattern isolates the microphone from other on-stage signals.

An excellent microphone for percussion instruments, the e 614 is also an ideal choice for woodwind and string instruments. Its excellent acoustic properties also make it a valuable tool for home recording.



  • Rugged design

  • Effective rejection of incidental rear noise

  • Excellent directivity across the whole frequency range

  • Full, natural sound

  • High maximum sound pressure level

  • Wide frequency response




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