Fostex 6301B Self Powered Monitor



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The Fostex 6301B is a mains powered 10watt RMS. (20watt peak) self powered speaker which finds many applications around the industry through its convenience and all round performance. The case is metal and solid and the sound open and faithful. Front panel volume control. Input via balanced or unbalanced Jack of -10dBm


An in-built 10 watt amplifier, perfectly matched to a 10cm full range driver delivers a big sound, full of clarity from this small, versatile monitor. Best used in pairs, they accept any line level input, so they are ideal for use with instruments in project studios, on stage, in remote recording vehicles, video productions & multimedia presentations.

Manufactured from cast aluminium, these great little monitors have earned a high reputation among production, broadcast & presentation professionals for being rugged & road worthy.





                                 Speaker : Full range x1

                                 Diameter : 100mm

                                 Impedance : 4 ohm

                                 Diaphragm : Cone, repulsion type

                                 Repro. Frequency Response : 80Hz to 13kHz

                                 Sound Pressure Level : 84dBW / 1m



                                 Output : 10W (8 ohm weighted)

                                 Frequency Response : 20Hz to 50kHz (0dB, -3dB)

                                 Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.05% (@ 1kW)



                                 Connector : 6mm dia phone jack x1

                                 Input impedance : More than 20k ohm

                                 Input Sensitivity : -4dBu (0.5Vr.m.s.)


                                 Connector : XLR-3-32 type (Pin 2:HOT) x1 :6mm dia phone jack x1

                                 Input impedance

                                 (XLR) : More than 10k ohm

                                 (Phone) : More than 20k ohm

                                 Input Sensitivity

                                 (XLR) : +4dBu (1.2Vr.m.s.)

                                 (Phone) : -4dBu (0.5Vr.m.s.)

                                 Residual Noise Level : -70dBV (0.3mV)



                                 Dimensions : 120(W) x 188(H) x 118(D)mm

                                 Weight : Approx. 3.0kg

                                 Power Requirement : 120V - 230V

                                 Power Consumption : 30W





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