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Crest MA 5850 Amplifier



SPECIAL ADDENDUM for MA 5850 & MA 7120


Crest Audio developed the MA5850 and the MA7120 especially for European users of Meyer loudspeakers.


Based on the Crest Audio 4801, the MA 5850 was created to complement perfectly Meyer Sound's professional speaker systems. The amplifier has custom circuitry which limits each channel's output voltage to 58 V RMS to prevent over-excursion of the speaker drivers. Because the power supply capabilities well exceed the requirements of producing 58 volts, this limiting configuration also reduces the possibility of clipping.


To suit Meyer recommendations and for compatibly with their processors, the

MA5850 has a voltage gain structure of 14 (+23 dB), which also improves dynamic



The MA7120, based on the Crest Audio 6001 and 7001, is intended for bridged-mode

operation, in which it has a voltage gain of 6.3 (+16 dB).


General Specifications

Specification                                                               MA5850                                                         MA7120

Max. RMS Voltage Swing                                                 ±58V                                                             ±70V

Max. Peak Voltage Swing                                                 ±82V                                                            ± 99V

Max. Rated Power/Ch., 8Q FTC/EIA 1                         300/400W                                                     400/525W

Max. Rated Power/Ch., 4Q FTC/EIA 1                         480/575W                                                     600/700W

Max. Rated Power/Ch., 2Q FTC/EIA 1                                                                                             720/800W

Max. Rated Bridged Power, 8Ω  FTC/EIA 1                 960/1150W                                                   975/1150W

Max. Rated Bridged Power, 4Ω FTC/EIA 1                                                                                    1100/1200W

Frequency Response                                             20 Hz-20 kHz;                                              20 Hz-20 kHz;

                                                                +0,-.3dB @ 300W/8Ω                                   +0,-.3 dB @ 600W/4Ω

THD into 4Ω @ 1 kHz                                       <0.05% @ 420W                              <0.03% @1100W bridged

SMPTE IMD 60 Hz & 7 kHz, 8Ω                       <0.015%@ 300W                                          <0.05% @ 400W

Slew Rate                                                                                         >35V/us                                               

Damping Factor                                                                       400:1, 1 kHz @ 8Ω                                         

Input CMRR                                                                             greater than 90 dB                                          

Voltage Gain                                                           14x(+23dB                                     6.3 X (+16 dB) bridged

Input Sensitivity                                        3.5V for 300W @  8Ω                           10.5 for 1100W @ 4Ω bridged

Input Impedance                                                                     20 kΩ, actively balanced                                   

Hum and Noise                                                                         -105 dB, A weighted                                       

Crosstalk                                                                                   -80 dB, A weighted                                       

Connectors (per channel)                                                 female XLR input, octal accessory

                                                                                     socket, 5-way output binding posts                            

Power Supply                                               1.9 kVA power transformer,                 1.9 kVA power transformer,

                                                                           80000 uF filter capacitance                120000 uF filter capacitance

Max. Current Draw                                               10 A @ 240 VAC                                        15 A @ 240 VAC           

Cooling                                                                                       rear-to-front tunnel heatsink,

                                                                    one variable-speed DC fan                   two variable-speed DC fans                

Switches, Controls, etc.                                        front panel power switch/circuit breaker, 2 front panel

                                                                   attenuators, rear panel mode switch, signal ground lift jumper        

Indicators                                                         2 Clip/Limit, 2 Signal, 2 Temp/DC, and 2 Active LEDs               

Protection                                                     high temperature, DC voltage, sub- and ultrasonic, and short

                                                                    circuit protection; tum-on/tum-off transient suppression; Auto-

                                                                 Ramp™ signal control; clip limiting; IGM™ , subsonic filtering.                        

Construction                                                 16 ga. steel chassis with 0.475 cm (0.187") aluminum front panel  

Dimensions [including handles]                                               8.9 x 48.3 x 40.6²  [44.5] cm                              

Gross Weight                                                   24.5 kg (54 Ib)                                                     25 kg (55 Ib)

Net Weight                                                       22.7 kg (50 Ib)                                                    23.2kg(511b)


Continuous sine wave bench power is limited by the current rating of the front panel circuit breaker.


Notes:                                   1. FTC: 20 Hz-20 kHz, <0.1% THD; EIA: 1 kHz, <0.05% THD

                                             2. From front panel mounting surface to end of rear rack ears.


rel Sept 92




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